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Studio 116 + Gallery 209
HNTR is a smart watch for outdoors-men who like to enhance their hunting experience with a hint of technology. A few of its main features are GPS coordinate remembrance, emergency calling, and the "Find my Watch" feature to help find your lost watch. This is a device that will help deer, duck, and turkey hunters alike to be safe when out in the wild.

Chelsea Mrozek

PostScript is a social interactive community dedicated to creating a supportive space for grieving families to share and communicate with one another after facing the loss of a child and the challenges that follow.

Kristen Rokenbrodt

Reclaim is a campaign that promotes healthy bee habitats one garden at a time. Since 2006 an estimated 10 million beehives have been lost. Without bees we would lose 1/3 of the foods we love to eat. Reclaim encourages people to use bee friendly pesticides and grow flowers in their gardens that support healthy happy hives. Together we can return nature to the bees.

Sara Koller

Tictoc is a watch created for people with Down syndrome to help them understand and visualize elapsed time. We are creating an experience to allow people to view time differently. The watch has three different screens, so each user can choose what setting works best for them. The watch has verbal notification settings as well. Our goal is not only to help those with Down syndrome view and comprehend elapsed time, but also assist them in becoming more independent.

Sarah Van Abel

Origin is an unpasteurized milk brand that serves local farmers and consumers alike. Locally sourcing raw milk is the only way to go due to the limited shelf life, so Origin provides an honest brand for producers and a simple way for consumers to find the source of their dairy product. Every bottle sold in stores are tagged with an Origin Code which can be entered on the Origin website to direct to the farm's webpage. Consumers will be pleased by the open-door nature of Origin farms, all meeting the minimum standard of grass-fed cows.

Tyler Osegard

Alpha is a line of dog food and treats created using all natural and organic ingredients. The recipes are very simple and pure- taking out all of the harmful chemicals and fillers that are used in their foods today. Using this approach, we are hoping to create a healthy lifestyle and helping your dog to live the longest life possible.

Jessica Johnk

Myrket is your store, just smarter. It’s an interactive, in-store solution to the most common grocery shopping issues we all face. Utilizing RFID technology along with mobile and tablet apps, Myrket allows shoppers to create shopping lists, search for items, view sales and recipes, and even keep track of their bill before reaching the checkout. It is truly based around what you value as a customer: time, money, and simplicity.

Austin Craig

Swift Pick is a service to make your shopping experience fast, easy, and convenient. Download the app on your smart phone and create an account. Choose the grocery, home and beauty items you want and the time you will pick them up. Drive into a conveniently located parking space designated for Swift Pick. Our employees will load your groceries right into your car!

Allison Crosbie

Pivot is a movement studio designed for everyone and targeting non-dancers. The studio focuses on using dance therapy instead of physical therapy as a means for fun healing therapy. The studio also focuses on the elderly and creating exercise programs based on their needs. The studio offers non traditional dance classes for everyone with classes such as: Belly dance, African, Jitterbug, Tango, Zumba, ect. My studio takes on a feel for a friendly calming environment so people can feel comfortable to have fun dancing.

Chynna Gering

The Makers Union is a unique craft workshop where people can sign up to use our state of the art crafting equipment along with our community storefront and gallery space. The Makers Union is very much a collaborative environment focused on enriching urban culture with the fundamentals of craft, community, and creativity. By creating this union, we seek to build a unique experience for builders and makers of all kinds.
Lenga is a community for connecting with language learners in your area. By joining lenga it is simple to find conversation partners to practice speaking and listening skills in another language. No matter what your motivation is, business, travel, or maybe getting in touch with your roots, you can start connecting and improving your skills now!

Heather Houston

Flip is a social media application where people can post events and join others to make fun activities happen! It is especially valuable to those exploring a new city to experience it as a local does, and join the events posted by those who live there. Flip is fueled by the community it creates, meaning it functions by the turnover of events posted and attended by those involved. The goal of this application is to utilize the technology that has separated our communities today to generate that face-to-face interaction again that is so valuable. Flip encourages the community to get out and be involved with each other, so go explore a new city!

Taryn Fawcett

Ameno is a interactive supplement kiosk available in fitness centers for supplement users. The machine dispenses single-serve personalized supplements that fit a person's age, sex, fitness goals, and with a choice of flavor. Once you try and find the supplements that works best for you, you can order them in bulk right from the machine, and have it delivered to your door. Ameno takes the guess work out of finding for the best supplements for you by allowing you to try and buy them to a setting where you need it most.

Monika Perkerwicz

Ironclad is an open community motorcycle garage that allows for anyone to come use one of several open work areas in the Ironclad shop. Ironclad in turn provides tools, a workspace and expertise to the people who come into the garage. Customers get to work side-by-side with professional bike builders to get pointers on how to do things as simple as changing a light, to complete motorcycle restoration. The staff at Ironclad also restores and builds bikes of their own to sell while not assisting customers. Bikes built by Ironclad staff will have a classical, and economical esthetic that lets the bike speak in its simplest forms.

Brandon Bildings

Home Grown Initiative is a campaign that promotes growing produce in the simplest of places: your yard. Today lawns blanket 30 million acres of the U.S. and food travels on an average of 1,500 miles from farm to plate. Food production in America is killing local economies, the environment, and costing Americans a fortune in hospital bills. Home Grown Initiative presents a sustainable solution in gardening as it saves money spent on meals, reduces carbon footprints, adds nutrition to American diets, and can become an enriching life-long tradition. Find out how to get started with your own produce garden at homegrowninitiative.com.

Leah Mann

Teach is a line of tea that donates its proceeds to help children in Sri Lanka ages 5-14 get an education. So many children in Sri Lanka are affected by numerous factors that prevent them from attending school. We intend to reverse these numbers by donating a large portion of each purchase to a Sri Lankan global initiative on Out-of-School Children, which is a joint project by UNICEF and UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UISC). So, join the cause and buy some tea and know that you are helping others in a way that is immeasurable.

Tina Floersch

Felix is a web application that promotes and teaches music history in an exciting way, offering you the ability to explore a vast musical world that brings history and discovery together in one place. The Felix library is a collaborative wiki that users can contribute to in order to offer a more comprehensive understanding of music history, covering information regarding musical eras, periods, genres, artists, and songs. You can also visit Felix to learn about musical connections such as “who sampled who” and “who influenced who,” which can help show that the musical world is really a woven network. The best part about Felix is that the music that you are learning about is available right on the site, so you can listen while you learn.

Brittany Tainter

En Route is a customized road trip kit designed to accomodate your interests and your trip route. The kit’s purpose is to bring back the true experience of a roadtrip. Whether you’re going across the state or across the country, En Route will make it an adventure you will never forget.

Mackenzie Belich

Tonic is a therapeutic cosmetics line tailored to women struggling with the chronic disease Psoriasis. This disease can cause emotional distress as women try to hide its physical effects. There are many potential irritants and chemicals found in makeup that could exacerbate psoriasis. Through the use vitamin d and coconut oil, Tonic helps to ease this emotional distress and build confidence as women feel more positive about their outward appearance. By applying Tonic therapeutic cosmetics, women can hide the physical appearance of psoriasis all while treating their skin.

Kirsten Denny

My Meals is a convenient mobile application that educates on healthy cancer-fighting foods. Learn what types of foods have the power to heal and are better for your specific needs or educate yourself for a healthy lifestyle. Prepare delicious recipes full of cancer-fighting ingredient’s and more for you or someone you know at your fingertips.

Briana Zontelli

FreshDot is a label that indicate the freshness and quality of your food. It is made to be applied to existing food packages, and measures the amount of gases your food emits. The FreshDot starts out as a green color and gradually changes to red. The red color indicates that your food is no longer consumable.

Mai Lo Thao

N'EATS is a service that can be purchased by any grocery store to provide customers with a complete and accurate inventory of the food they purchase, at no extra cost to them. This inventory equips the consumer with the date, quantity, and description of each item they buy through their membership card. Customers can then login to their account using any device, and view their complete purchases, without ever having to manual manage their item information. N'EATS is a fast and modern way to stay completely organized, making shopping and cooking more efficient.

Lindsay Rupprecht

Unitas Press is an international publishing house that specializes in books about art and design. The goal of each of our publications is to reveal the nature of creativity and highlight inspiring projects by influential artists and designers. The first two books in this series are Isamu Noguchi’s Utopian Landscapes: Gardens of Time and Space and The Art of Synthesis: Origins of Organic Architecture. The first highlights the landscape designs of sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi. The second explores architect John Howe’s designs for public buildings in the area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both books offer a window into the worlds of these influential artists.

Diana Witcher

FMinnetrek is an organization that allows adults the experience of memorable field trips in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. If learning in Elementary or High school sometimes meant taking a bus ride to see how a sewage plant worked, kids looked forward to it. But who said field trips were just for kids? The Minnetrek organization takes grown ups on a trip to see the interesting, exciting, and/or historical sites that Minnesota has to offer. Whether it is a trip to see the mysterious Niagra Cave, the historical Fort Snelling, or a tour of the road: Highway 61 and its tales, the trips will give you a chance to meet new people, view and learn about new sites, and enjoy a fun-filled day of a field trip. So sit back and enjoy what we have in store for you, folks! It will be a trip you will never forget.

Brianna Ihrke

Gymunity is a community based social exercise program that focuses on gym sports that you know and loved as a child. With a different sport being played every week you won’t get bored. Gymunity allows you to get to know your community in a fun and active way and in turn builds character, connections, and confidence. Using Gymunity you learn important life skills like teamwork, communication, and friendship while also increasing your mental and physical fitness.

Ashley Spatola

SplitShare is a safe and easy way to connect with people in your local neighborhood and share gear. It’s a way for you to live smarter and more connected without the commitment of owning everything. SplitShare is simple, fast and beneficial to you. Find things that you want that others have posted as well as post things that you have laying around and share with others to save.

Lindy Lewan

The Menomin Project is an environmental campaign that aims to raise public interest in cleaning up Lake Menomin.

Fue Vang